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This week we launched the 6th iteration of the Tumblr Dashboard. And as you can probably tell, it makes room for a whole bunch of new things we’re getting ready to launch.

The first are some major upgrades to Messages (currently Questions and Submissions) that are available today:

Unified Inbox. The new Inbox saves you the trouble of checking for new Messages across all of your blogs. Additionally, the Inbox icon will show an unread count for any Messages that any of your blogs receive! You can disable the Inbox on your Preferences page.

Delete All Messages. Once you’ve answered or approved all of the posts you care about, you can now delete the rest with just two clicks.

Private Answers. When someone asks a Question that you’d like to respond to but you’d rather it not appear on your blog, you can now deliver a private answer directly to the sender.

Note: These features won’t appear unless you have Questions or Submissions enabled on at least one of your blogs.


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