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10 ways to use your Edublog…

1. Share materials, news, downloads, links and more

Anything that you post to your blog will instantly be accessible by your students from school and from home. What’s more, you can easily manage who gets to access them through passwords and privacy measures.

2. Facilitate online discussions and collaboration

Students can simply respond to blog posts and discuss topics through comments or on our simple to use forums.

3. Create a class publication that students can easily publish to and you can easily edit

Seamlessly produce a custom designed, finely tuned and engaging collaborative online publication by your class.

4. Replace your newsletter and stay in touch with parents about what is going on in class

Always enjoyed photocopying and stapling pages and pages of newsletters on a Friday afternoon? Thought not! It’s ridiculously simple to post class information, news, events and more on your Edublog.

5. Get your students blogging so that they can share their work and thoughts

Your Edublog can be used to glue together your students’ blogs which you can quickly create, co-manage, and even edit if needed.

6. Share your lesson plans

We all love planning, right? Using an Edublog can turn planning and reflecting on classes into a genuinely productive – and even collaborative – experience.

7. Integrate videos, podcasts, and other media

In just a couple of clicks, you can embed online videos, multimedia presentations, slideshows and more right into your Edublog posts.

8. Create blogs for clubs, student groups, events, sports teams, or just about any type of group

Edublogs make it easy to organize groups by keeping everyone informed.

9. Get feedback or gather information

You can use comments, forums, or even customized forms to collect feedback, survey data, or ask anyone you’d like to give input or ideas.

10. Create a fully functional website

One of the great things about Edublogs is that they are much, much more than just blogging tools. In fact, you can use your edublog to create a multi-layered, in-depth, multimedia rich website – that hardly looks like a blog at all.



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