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15 Places So Remote People Have Never Heard Of Wi-Fi

15 Places So Remote People Have Never Heard Of Wi-Fi

Consider this: Even the most ardent techno geek is challenged to keep up with the latest developments in technology, astronauts are Twittering from space and there are phones with 32GB of memory. Yet there remain many truly remote locations on Earth, hard as that may be to believe.

We’ve scoured the globe to find 15 places where it’s pretty doubtful the inhabitants have ever heard of wi-fi — and even if they had, you wouldn’t pick up a signal.

Antartica6. The Arctic Circle 

No one, technically, owns the area surrounding the North Pole in the Arctic region. As the ice in the Northwest Passage begins melting, more parties are becoming interested in the region for the first time and that could begin to change. Maybe it will even mean wi-fi.

In the meantime, the Arctic Circle is an imaginary circle surrounding the North Pole. Within that circle, the sun does not set below the horizon on June 21st (the summer solstice) and does not rise above the horizon on December 21st (winter solstice). Surrounding each date are months of near complete darkness or daylight depending on the time of year.

Eight countries have land that partially extends into the Arctic circle: Greenland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, the U.S., Canada and Finland; Iceland barely escapes inclusion. The Arctic Circle is home to a number of indigenous populations but don’t count on finding a wi-fi signal should you ever pass by.


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