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The 5 Most Extreme Places on Earth

The 5 Most Extreme Places on Earth
The World’s Most Remote Island 


Despite what you may think, the Isle of Man, in the grand scheme of things, is not that remote. In fact the world’s most remote island is Tristan de Cunha, situated in the south Atlantic. The island sits on its own, 2000 kms from St Helena and 2800 kms from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. The island is home to 300 people sharing seven surnames. As the island was annexed by the British, English is the native tongue and life is, to all intents and purposes, pretty darn great, with no crime and a tax rate of £1 per year. 



For this we would have to travel to the 800-strong community in Oymyakon, Russia. Here, it is cold. Very cold. On January 26, 1926, a temperature of −71.2 °C (−96.2°F) was recorded – the coldest ever recorded in a permanently inhabited place. Respect to the Russians.


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