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La barbarie neuronal heredada…

¿Irá a resurgir la barbarie?

”Many modern humans might be walking around with a little caveman inside. Inside their cells, that is…”  

Neanderthal-Barack-Obama-95845.jpgNeanderthals have been extinct for thousands of years now, but in the near future, there is a big possibility that they might return and coexist with us.

This radical idea, as crazy as it might sound, is possible thanks to cloning.

Scientists have already been successful in cloning certain animal species such as cows, pigs, rats, dogs, and cats.

In 2003, they achieved a monumental biological feat when they cloned the Pyrenean ibex, an extinct species of wild mountain goat. Unfortunately, the clone died after several minutes.  

La barbarie neuronal heredada…


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